Case study of clutch

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Clutch Case Study: Sidebench

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Clutch Case

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Case Tractor Clutch

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Bonus Case Study: Pesky Clutch Problems Plague Harley-Davidson

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They’re known to create a buzz with their work, but producing quality content at a fast pace is their hidden talent. The Kinitics Automation clutch actuator is a main component of the ShiftFX Electronic Shift Transmission (EST), a state-of-the-art transmission control system for OEM motorcycle applications.

The Kinitics Automation clutch actuator is a main component of the ShiftFX Electronic Shift Transmission (EST), a state-of-the-art transmission control system for OEM motorcycle applications. The Clutch Group’s choice? XtremIO from EMC.

Thanks to an 85% application performance improvement, that selection allowed the Clutch Group to plow through this initial eDiscovery case and paved the way for many more projects. This case study will help you to test a thermal fan clutch on any GM vehicle equipped with one.

Believe it or not, there's a specific and logical diagnostic strategy to diagnose a BAD fan clutch (that's causing your vehicle to overheat).

Clutch spoke with 15 companies that embraced wearable technology in its early stages. A series of case study interviews revealed 16 unique use cases for wearables that span five sectors: health and fitness, lifestyle, productivity and organization, food, and enterprise.

Case study of clutch
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